Social Justice Promotion In Food, Nutrition, Health, Trade and Investment Systems.

What we do

Social Justice & Litigation

An enabling legal and policy environment that promotes, respects, and guarantees economic rights, the right to food, nutrition, and health through food and trade systems.

Community Empowerment

Rights-holders and duty bearers meaningfully participate in promoting the right to adequate living including food, nutrition, health, and economic well being.

Advocacy & Partnership

Laws, policies, practices, social norms comply with the right to food, nutrition, health, and economic well being.

Thematic Areas

Food safety & Health

  • Chemical control (agrochemicals, industrial chemical, additives & aromas )
  • Community adequate living rights enhancement (agroecology practices & economic rights)
  • Community food and agriculture advocates sustainability model.
  • Safe food hubs promotions.
  • Non-communicable disease prevention and response.
  • Aflatoxin control
  • Clean energy use promotion.

Human Capital Development

  • Early Childhood Development
  • The First 1000 days of human life (The first  window of golden opportunity)
  • Adolescent nutrition (The second window of golden opportunity)

Trade and Investment

  • Human rights-based Public-Private partnership promotion.
  • Occupational safety and health rights.
  • Promotion of economic rights of vulnerable groups.