Couple sues govt for supplying ‘poisonous’ food


Couple sues govt for supplying ‘poisonous’ food

A family from Amudat district in North Eastern Uganda has dragged Government to High court over the alleged poisonous food that was supplied to them by the World Food Programme and Amudat District Local Government.

In March this year, Health centres in Amudat and the  Amudat District hospital were overwhelmed by huge numbers of patients who showed up with symptoms of madness, fever, dizziness and stomach aches.

The said patients were later diagnosed with food poisoning and after taking samples of a super cereal food that had been supplied to the communities from the  World Food Programme stores,  it was established that the said cereal had toxins and was not fit for human consumption. 

After a few days of admission, 5 of these patients died.

Now Isaac Kolimuk and Grace Chepnyorio together with a non-profit organisation that fights for food and nutritional rights-Centre for Food and Adequate Living rights have decided to seek compensation for their violated rights to adequate, safe and nutritious food.

The couple which resides at Kadawa village in Amudat district says after eating the cereal with their 5 children on 29th/March 2019, they started shouting on top of their voices and walking while knocking walls.

That they were later helped by neighbours to check in a Health centre from where the entire family was diagnosed with symptoms of food poisoning as a result of the contaminated cereal.

The two through their lawyers of Dalumba advocates and Kwesigabo Walubiri are now seeking a declaration that the absence of national Food Reserves by Government is a violation of communities’ right to access adequate and safe nutritious foods.

 The High court in Soroti has fixed to hear this application on the 29th/July 2019.

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