To promote adequate food, nutrition, health and economic rights as central components of human development.


CEFROHT, analyses all laws, policies, and practices impacting the right to adequate food, nutrition and health well being and engages duty bearers at all levels to make sure that the legal framework is used as a key driver for the realization of the rights to adequate living.


Food safety

CEFROHT is currently undertaking a campaign to promote the restriction of marketing of unhealthy food and nonalcoholic beverages to children in Uganda. With the public interest case, CEFROHT is working with all media in Uganda to cause regulation of promotion, sponsorship, point of sale, and school sale of unhealthy diets to children. Secondly to have advertisements restricted to the watershed period to protect children due to their credulity.

Food Security

CEFROHT is promoting governments and other duty bearers’ intervention into the food security system in the country and to respect the right to adequate food. This includes the protection of small scale farmers’ rights and promotes the establishment of food reserves in the country through policy dialogue, engaging parliament, and international partners.

Investments, trade and livelihood rights

Private investment schemes in Uganda have very minimal respect for human rights. The right to livelihood is not respected in most cases by the trade and investment practitioners including government. CEFROHT is advocating for an investment legal and policy framework that respects the right to livelihood and the right to dignity of all stakeholders using the international and national human rights standards


Nutrition is promoted from a human capital development perspective. Taking care of the infant breastfeeding needs, children nutrition, adolescents girls, and young women nutrition needs including avoiding anemia, and school feeding policy. CEFROHT is promoting safe and organic food practices and reduction of food commercialization and big food chains and food miles. CEFROHT promotes agro-ecology practices as a pathway to nutrition.

Laws and Policies

CEFROHT has analyzed several laws and policies in the entire food and adequate living legal framework. In this CEFROHT is pushing for policy and legal change to offer vulnerable people a right to adequate living. And to reduce harm due to wrongful food system practices at all levels.


CEFROHT has mobilized and is working with other organizations and institutions to promote adequate living especially the right to adequate food. CEFROHT hosts the Uganda Law Society Food and Agriculture law cluster, the coalition to promote food security in Uganda and the Action Working Group on healthy diets and physical activity


CEFROHT partners with other organizations at the international and national levels to promote the right to adequate living and social justice. CEFROHT is hosting public interest litigation fellows from the Center for Strategic Litigation (CSL) Zanzibar, Tanzania, partners with Validity Foundation and academic institutions.


CEFROHT is currently undertaking different campaigns for food safety and food security, for example, the campaign to have food reserves in Uganda using public litigation and engaging the court for public opinion.


CEFROHT carries out action research that informs advocacy initiatives and interventions putting human rights principles into a perspective.