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“…….Thanks to CEFROHT and AVAAZ foundation; I do not have to worry about food for this month, and this will certainly help me rebound back to independently feed my family…….” Monica-Mukono district

“I am HIV positive single mother with nine children; before lockdown my neighbor who also owns a school used to give us food cooked from his school but ever since schools were closed he is unable to assist us. Once in a while I get some food items from well-wishers and sometimes spend a couple of days without food. This also affected my adherence to drugs because when I take them without eating food I feel so dizzy so whenever I have no food I do not take the drugs. I thank CEFROHT and AVAAZ for food support….Babirye, Bulamu, Wakiso District.

“…………you have made me and my two children smile again. I am 18 years old. I got pregnant and my parents were furious, chased me away to go with the man. He has since abandoned us saying during covid-19 he was making no money and could not afford to take care of us. You have at least taken away one burden of food. I am dancing with joy. Thanks, CEFROHT and AVAAZ Foundation. Nalule-kijabijjo, Wakiso district

CEFROHT would like to thank you for your donation towards realization of the right to adequate living and access to food for vulnerable people in parts of Wakiso, Kampala and Mukono. Your donation was deeply appreciated by the communities in which we worked.

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown that led to closure of businesses, restriction of movement and loss of employment for many people, majority of poor urban dwellers were critically malnourished and suffered acute hunger. Many of these used to work from hand to mouth informal jobs. They exhausted their savings and capital for the businesses that sustained their lives. Majority were skipping meals, adults skipped meals and gave children a cup of porridge for lunch, going days without a meal, taking tea or porridge as one meal for the day and others malnourished because of lack of adequate food or eating unhealthy foods like banana peelings from rubbish pits among others.

CEFROHT was founded to respond to challenges of inadequate wellbeing resulting from food insecurity and contamination, malnutrition, economic injustices as well as lack of a human rights-based approach to food, health, and trade systems, however, without financial resources , the realization of the above become a challenge. Hence, CEFROHT wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to AVAAZ Foundation for the grant worthy US$60,000 that promoted the livelihood and survival rights of the urban poor. CEFROHT was able to distribute food relief (maize flour and beans) to 4,960 vulnerable families in the 3 districts, that is; 960 families in Mukono District, 1,800 families in Kampala District and 2,200 families in Wakiso District.

It is your generosity and belief in our mission that enables us to perform this work, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership.