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Who we are

CEFROHT is an indigenous not-for-profit legal advocacy and action-research organization using a Human Rights-Based Approach to promote food, climate and economic justice. CEFROHT’s mission is to use legal tools for food justice, climate justice and economic justice through integrated programs, that is-Social justice and Strategic Litigation, Advocacy and Community Empowerment.

CEFROHT’s work is directed towards the interconnection of food justice, climate justice and economic justice promoting adequate living. These include utilizing legal tools to ensure realization of land rights, food security and nutrition, livelihood rights, environmental health and rights. Therefore, CEFROHT’s efforts are targeted towards a sustainable food system, environmental health, nutrition and economic rights which affect the vulnerable populations such as women, children, orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS, persons with disabilities, and the youth. CEFROHT is a center designed for rights on food and livelihoods.


A world where the right to adequate living for everyone is realized.


To promote social justice in food, agriculture and investment systems through strategic litigation, research, advocacy and community empowerment. 


(a). Human Rights-Based Approach; CEFROHT understands that unequal power relations and social exclusion deny people their human rights and keeps them in poverty. Therefore, uses Human Rights Based Approach to empower rights-holders to claim their rights, and support duty-bearers to meet their obligations. In this, CEFROHT identifies who has rights (rightsholders) and what freedoms and entitlements they have under law, as well as the obligations of those responsible for making sure rights-holders are enjoying their rights (duty-bearers). Enforcing a “circle of accountability” throughout the policy cycle which helps to ensure that policies and programs are responsive to the needs of rights-holders.

(b).Legal empowerment and social accountability; CEFROHT strategically uses legal empowerment especially the vulnerable for their adequate living rights. CEFROHT pursues a process of systemic change through which the poor and excluded in communities become able to use the law, the legal system, and legal services to protect and advance their rights and interests as citizens. This approach is used towards building accountability that relies on individuals and community engagement i.e in which the ordinary citizen or CSOs participate directly in exacting accountability. CEFROHT engages communities, individuals, duty bearers and civil society organizations [CSOs] in actions aimed at holding the State to account, as well as efforts by government and other actors [media, private sector, donors] to support and respond to these actions.

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Our work is based on seven core objectives and seven strategic outcomes as listed below


Our work is based on four thematic areas as listed below

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