“Life Before Profits” Uganda’s investment frameworks and the proliferating human (WOMEN) rights violations

The intention for investment policy frameworks, whether investment agreements, laws, or policies is vested within the sole interest to attract, promote, and protect the investment. These frameworks are anchored within the notions of the Structural Adjustment Programs of privatization, deregulation, and liberalization. They extend excessive protection to investors’ rights and interests at the expense of […]

Continued Use of Agro Chemical Fueling Death Due to NCDs, Time to Crack The Whip

KAMPALA-SHIFTMEDIA- NCDs are rising at a terrific rate in Uganda; according to the WHO, poor-quality diets are now the leading cause of disease worldwide. In Uganda, NCDs are estimated to account for 33% of all deaths. According to the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on NCDs, the number of Ugandans living with NCDs is increasing dramatically and the […]


The Honorable Minister, we write from the Center for Food and Adequate Living Rights (CEFROHT) to first of all, thank you and the Government of Uganda for all the tireless efforts undertaken to manage the COVID 19 pandemic. Uganda is undoubtedly one of the countries that took swift measures to protect its citizens as soon […]


                                                                                                                        16th/12/2020 The Executive Director, Uganda National Bureau Standards (UNBS), Standards House, Plot 2 – 12, Bypass Link, Bweyogerere Industrial & Business Park, P.O. Box 6329, Kampala, Uganda Dear Sir, RE: JOINT CSO’s REQUEST FOR AMMENDMENT OF EAST AFRICA STANDARDS ON NUTRITION LABELLING TO INCORPORATE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION’s RECOMMENDATION ON FRONT-OF-THE PACK LABELLING AND PROMOTE […]

Global Recap Advocacy Working Group on Healthy Diets in Uganda

PROMOTION OF HEALTHY DIETS THROUGH LEGAL EMPOWERMENT AND SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY MECHANISMS, USING HUMAN RIGHTS-BASED, PARTICIPATORY, AND MULTI-SECTORAL APPROACH CEFROHT is currently implementing the global recap supported by IDLO titled “Promote healthy diets through legal empowerment and social accountability mechanisms using a human rights based participatory multisectoral approach”. The project intends to use social accountability mechanisms […]

“Life Before Profits”

CEFROHT is promoting adequate living rights for everyone and one of the sectors where such rights are critically in danger are the big investment schemes. CEFROHT has joined with other Civil Society Organizations to seek justice for women and other vulnerable persons working in palm oil plantations, sugarcane and other investment schemes.Investment, especially Foreign Direct […]