Industrialization v the future; Is the EACOP really worth it   Climate change has been an issue of global discussion in the recent past with several reports on global warming inducing great fear for the future generation. Researchers have defined climate change as the global phenomenon of climate transformation characterized by the changes in the […]

Agrochemical use- A risk to public health

The agricultural sector is the bedrock of Uganda’s economy. Statistics track agriculture as the primary sector that serves as the main source of livelihood and provides employment to about 66% of the Ugandan population. The sector is also a significant contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – 24.5% while being critical for food and […]

Continued Use of Agro Chemical Fueling Death Due to NCDs, Time to Crack The Whip

KAMPALA-SHIFTMEDIA- NCDs are rising at a terrific rate in Uganda; according to the WHO, poor-quality diets are now the leading cause of disease worldwide. In Uganda, NCDs are estimated to account for 33% of all deaths. According to the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on NCDs, the number of Ugandans living with NCDs is increasing dramatically and the […]