Request for Proposal For Development of community user tools & IEC materials

DEADLINE   |   23rd JULY 2021

You are kindly invited to submit a technical and financial proposal for CEFROHT’s Rural Community Justice Project’s Request for Proposal No. 2021 – 04 (with Appendices) hereby referred to as the Project. All related correspondence for this proposal should be sent to: and copy

CEFROHT intends to issue a Firm Fixed-Price contract for this work

  • Costs incurred by respondents for the preparation of a proposal and the negotiation of contract are not
  • The project is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.
  • The project reserves the right to accept any offers of proposal without further
  • The project will only evaluate proposals from licensed firms or qualified personnel to implement and complete the work under this
  • The Offers must be able to complete the assignment stated in the Statement of

All questions and inquiries related to this request must be submitted prior to the Closing Date for questions shown above for this RFP. All “Offerors” must submit their questions to the Project via the below email address: and