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Limited efforts towards promoting a HRBA is a major threat to social justice, especially for youths and women. Developing countries Uganda inclusive are facing significant issues including high unemployment, land eviction and poverty, exclusion among societies, discrimination, hunger and lack of access to social facilities. [1]

In Uganda particularly the rates of reported legal problems are almost 13 million legal problems occur each year. The occurrence of legal problems in Uganda with most serious impact on the people are Problems related to land, domestic violence and the family. When disintegrating the data Land comprises 31% of people with legal problems face issues with the use of land, mostly disputes about boundaries and domestic violence comprises 25% of Ugandans with legal problems who face situations of domestic violence, such as physical or emotional abuse, equivalent to more than 1 million Ugandans every year.[2]

Promoting the HRBA and emphasizing the opportunities provided for under the HREA to both duty bearers and rights holders. The HREA for instance provides quick and easy procedures for accessing justice before the formal justice system especially in the Magistrates courts. The public ought to understand these opportunities. The bedrock of social justice enriched participation, accountability, rule of law, inclusion and legal empowerment. The celebration of the Social justice day will be creating an opportunity to promote the human rights based approach.

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