Wakiso, Uganda
Posted 6 months ago

DEADLINE: 15th January, 2024

The purpose of this position is to provide administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the
organization. It also serves as the eyes and ears of the organization, providing information, answering questions,
and responding to requests. Your work is essential to the staff compliance to organization’s set
policies and guidelines and management of the entire organization.
It specifically provides to manage the overall operations and the effective and successful
management of labor, productivity, quality control and safety measures as established under
CEFROHT’s institutional development program.
Enhance the operational procedure, systems and principles in the areas of information flow and
management, enhanced management reporting and looks for opportunities to expand systems.
Supervisory responsibilities in accordance with company’s policies and applicable laws.

This position provides high-level administrative support for operations of the organization, human
resource management and organizational representation.
Implement the processes and practices in the organization including formulating strategy, improving
performance, procuring material and resources, securing compliance and provide strategic leadership
in developing, reviewing, monitoring and implementation of policies, plans, strategies and
programmes of the organization.

This position reports to the Director Quality Assurance

Key Result Areas:
Core activities:

  1. Managing and guiding the implementation of all policies, plans, programs and strategies of
    the organization.
  2. Guiding, supervising, monitoring and coordinating operations of staff and activities of
    the organization in the application of the policies;
  3. Work with human resource to recruit, select, train, assign, schedule, coach, counsel and
    discipline employees.
  4. Communicate job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising and reviewing job
  5. Plan and review compensation actions; enforcing policies, procedures and contribute
    operations information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; prepare
    and complete action plans; implement production, productivity; resolve problems;
    complete audits; identify trends.
  6. Forecast organizational requirements; analyze variances; and initiating corrective actions.
  7. Develop operations systems and implement, enforce and evaluate policies and
    procedures; develop processes for receiving product, equipment and utilization.
  8. Maintain safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following and enforcing
    standards and procedures; complying with CEFRHOT policies.
  9. Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional
    publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations
  10. Accomplish operations and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
    Specific tasks:
  11. Manage staff levels, wages, hours, contract labor to revenues
  12. Responsible for all department managers and supervisors, with review/approval
    responsibility for all their operations.
  13. Responsible for all aspects of vehicle and fleet management.
  14. Responsible for overseeing the activities of the department that deals with purchases and
  15. Responsible for designing a procurement strategy and deliver products and services
  16. Responsible for assessing products, services and suppliers and negotiating contracts.
  17. Responsible for optimizing the procurement method; Request For Proposal and Request for
    Quotation management; Supplier evaluation and selection; Risk and compliance
    management; Agreement negotiation;
  18. Responsible for ensuring that approved purchases are of a sufficient quality and are cost-
  19. Develops plans and prepares reports or other working documents related to major
    CEFROHT programs.
  20. Manage and integrate ongoing programs and administration of program teams across
    various field locations.
  21. Ensure program implementation is on time, on target and on budget, using effective
    M&E systems to demonstrate the desired impact.
  22. Ensure that regular monitoring of project activities and project impact is undertaken, in
    accordance with existing CEFROHT Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework
    and Guidelines.
  23. Oversee program implementation strategies, including partnership frameworks,
    beneficiary targeting, distribution processes and capacity building of partners as needed.
  24. Build a cohesive team spirit and culture among staff and delegate functions and
    responsibilities to them while ensuring achievement of program objectives.
  25. Maintain effective and positive internal communication with CEFROHT staff in all
    locations (head office, virtual locations and field offices).
  26. Coordinate with Communications and Program teams to ensure timely and relevant
    messaging that aligns with strategic objectives and implementation plans;
  27. Support Communications team in preparation of promotional materials, program
    summaries and reports.
  28. Represent CEFROHT at professional forums, advocacy/policy working groups,
    workshops and other events relevant to CEFROHT programs;
  29. Ensure that program activity and budget benchmarks are met within their established
    time frames;
  30. Provide primary backstopping for each Program
  31. Supervise, provide leadership, mentor and build the capacity of operational staff in
  32. Promote accountability, communicate expectations and provide constructive feedback
    informally and formally via regular staff meetings, one on one meetings and
    performance reviews to staff.
  33. Identify, build and manage collaborative partnerships with donors (both traditional and
    corporate), Government of Uganda representatives, consortium partners, sub-grantees,
    and other stakeholders;
  34. Review work plans and monthly program reports, assign work to Program teams, and
    monitoring project life cycles to ensure milestones are met.
  35. Review, edit and finalize project reports, providing feedback to project leads to ensure all
    requirements are met.
  36. Facilitate partner and stakeholder communications.
  37. Respond to inquiries and screen, direct, and follow through on all program enquiries
    as appropriate.
  38. Assist in capturing programmatic progress, successes, case studies, tweets, and other
    communications requirements through photographs, videos and articles.
  39. Maintains the SMT appointment schedule by planning, scheduling and coordinating
    meetings, conferences, teleconferences and travel within or out of the country.
  40. Ensures the completion of projects by following up on results with the departments that
    directly report to the SMT and make reports.
  41. Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements,
    follow malfunctions, calling for repairs, maintaining equipment inventories and evaluating
    new equipment.
  42. Actively participates in departmental budget preparation and procurement planning for
  43. Act as the point of contact among executive, directors, employees, clients and other external
  44. Manage executives’ calendars, appointments, set up meetings, priorities of work proposals,
    reports keeping the ED aware of deadlines and time frames.
  45. Format and review information for internal and external communication – memos, emails,
    presentations, reports.
  46. Provide general administrative support for projects.
  47. Oversee the performance and follow-up with other staff
  48. Manage information flow in a timely and accurate manner
  49. Working with accounting and projects team to set budgets, monitor spending, and
    processing payroll and other expenses.
  50. Contribute in developing the policies and the procedures of the organization
  51. Any other duty as required by Director Quality Assurance and Executive Director.
    Key Performance Indicators
    To facilitate tracking of the job holder’s performance during the year, the following performance
    indicators have been identified and agreed upon:
  52. Hard copies and soft copies of monthly management reports for all CEFROHT’s
  53. CEFROHT’s annual report
  54. Weekly or monthly program schedules or work plans.
  55. Organizational communication plan for stakeholders.
  56. Team building plan for staff.
  57. Reports on partnership activities
  58. Staff capacity building program on programming and project management
  59. Hardcopies and soft copies of project management quarterly and annual reports
  60. Evidence of compliancy of staff to operational procedures
  61. Evidence of staff appraisals and staff performance reports.
  62. Vehicle and fleet management plan
  63. Evidence of proper bidding processes; solicitation for quotations for goods or proposals for
    Essential Competencies
     The candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree in administration, industrial or community
    phychology or Public Health, Human Rights, Law, Social Sciences, Humanities, Agriculture,
    Business Management or Public Administration, or a related discipline from a recognized
     Post Graduate qualifications and/or training in food systems, Human Rights, project
    planning and management is highly desirable;
     At least 5 years work experience with at least 2 years as Executive Assistant, Personal
    Assistant or secretary role.
     Experience applying for, managing and accounting for grants.

 Experience in handling procurement processes.
 Experience in handling complex projects in a timely manner.
 Experience in basic accounting and financial management, auditing regulations and
fulfilling project targets.

Relevant skills and attributes:
 Excellent computer skills, letter writing and correspondence.
 Emotional intelligence is a must
 Excellent drafting skills.
 Outstanding organizational and time management skills.
 Familiarity with office gadgets and applications (e.g. e-calendars and copy machines)
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
 Discretion and confidentiality and good judgmental skills
 Time management and ability to meet deadlines.
 Strong organizational skills and ability to multitask.
 Problem-solving and decision making.
 Proactivity and self-direction.
 Interpersonal skills.
 Excellent planning and organizing skills.
 Ability to prioritize activities and work independently.
 High level of integrity and a good team player.
 Tactical skills in dealing with different people.
 Ability to search for and disseminate information.

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