Wakiso, Uganda
Posted 6 months ago

Deadline: 15th January, 2024

Promote the realization of the right to adequate food (including food availability, food accessibility,
healthy diets, adequacy/quality and sustainability for all), agroecology/sustainable agrifood systems,
and land justice in Uganda and East Africa, for all especially the vulnerable persons like women,
PWDs, and children and communities.
Analyze all laws, policies, and practices impacting the right to adequate food, economic and nutrition
rights and health wellbeing, and come up with recommendations and interventional areas.
Engage duty bearers at all levels to make sure that the legal and policy framework is used as a key
driver for the realization of the rights to adequate living, healthy diets and prevention of diet related
Provide leadership and support for communications at CEFORHT as well as mentorship and
oversight on the communications team.

The position requires to coordinate and advance legal-policy advocacy, campaigns, partnerships and
communications in the three organizational domains of; food, agriculture and land justice to ensure
that laws, policies, practices and social norms comply with the right to food, nutrition, health and
economic wellbeing and also comply to human rights principles. It is a dynamic position that
includes; fundraising, development and communications responsibilities with a strong connection to
CEFROHT’s programmatic work and mission.
This position reports to the Director Quality Assurance
Key Result Areas:
Partnerships and Networking

  • Strategically work with CEFROHT partners at local, reginal and international level to
    promote the right to adequate food and sustainable agrifood systems
  • Work to sustainably build networks for building capacity of the member organizations in the
    collaboratives and coalitions.
  • Hold and work with the CEFROHT’s multisectoral platforms including government agencies
    and non-state actors in the food, nutrition and agriculture.
  • Consistently organize and manage CEFROHT’s relationship with the strategic
    networks and alliances at national and international level in the food and agriculture
  • Work to promote a Human Rights Based Approach to food systems and adequate
    living for all especially the vulnerable persons in society.
  • Represent CEFROHT and participate in network and alliance meetings, events and
    forums at national and international levels.
  • Ensure effective information flow and communication with other stakeholders
    including partners and local teams
    -Analyze existing legal and policy frameworks in food, nutrition, health, trade and investment
    systems, and identify the areas and circumstances where CEFROHT can cause social change
    in society though advocacy and campaigns.
    -Acts as the focal point of all advocacy, campaigns, partnership and communications support
    -Conduct periodical organizational stakeholder analysis and develop engagement strategy.
    -Manage policy dialogues/meetings with duty bearers as well as community barazas.
    -Establish result-oriented feedback mechanism for policy dialogues and barazas.
    -Operationalize CEFROHT’s communication strategy.
    -Create and manage the organizational Communications Calendar
    -Manage media including their trainings, fellowships and feedback;
    – Oversee and maintain online outreach and produce information materials for public outreach
    -Develop internal communications plan/strategy to help build organizational program
    -Coordinate presentations, logistics and messages for internal and external meetings for
    -Identify innovative opportunities and new advocacy and communications tools and platforms
    which can serve to highlight the work of CEFROHT;
    Programme Planning, Management and Implementation
  • Provide leadership in the development of strategic plans and budgets for Advocacy and
    Partnership program.
  • Provide leadership to the Programme Team towards achieving the objectives of the
  • Review and ensure alignment of program priorities, strategies and plans to the
    organizational strategies, plans and campaigns.
  • Support the Executive Director and the Senior Management Team to lead the
    development of both strategic and operational plans and planning guidelines.
  • Ensure programme activities are grounded, strongly inter linked, and consolidated with
    organizational management frameworks
  • Ensure quality implementation of all projects under Advocacy and Partnership program.
  • Ensure results are clearly documentedin the most effective way demonstrating value for

Program Reviews, Monitoring, Evaluation, Program Learning and Reporting.

  • Ensure close monitoring of the program works in the field to ensure alignment and
    contribution to organization’s strategy, monitor flow of information and systemic
    documentation of quantitative and qualitative achievements in the field and lessons
    learned thereof.
  • Ensure quality and timely submission of quarterly and annual or required Programme
    and Project Performance Reports as per desired standards and guidelines.
  • Ensure compliance of approved Programme and Project plans.
  • Promote evidence-based learning and the agenda of advancing alternatives.
  • Represent the organization in various programme-related knowledge sharing and
    learning forums, document and share feedback with the team.
  • Track trends in contemporary development programming and programme
    management practices, document and provide advice/ recommendations on key
    developments to senior management team.

Financial Management

  • Develop, monitor, review and update the Programme department activity, work plan to
    ensure that it attains its objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Review and approve programme concepts, partner financial requests as per
    organizational process and procedures.
  • Manage the expenditure and disbursement of resources allocated to program department and
    ensure timely and complete accountabilities.
  • Review programme expenditures from the programme team line staff to ensure
    conformity to Financial and Procurement policies and guidelines.
  • Monitor and advise on programme and project spending and variance report as per
    organizational process and procedures.

Policy Management and Compliance

  • Lead the development and implementation of guidelines for the management
    of partnerships in line with relevant organizational policies.
  • Participate in the review and update of CEFROHT policies and procedures and advise
    the SMT on the potential implications of the new system, policies and procedures.
  • Implement all necessary policies and procedures to ensure that correct procedures are
    followed by staff under supervision.
  • Adhere/ Comply with approved organizational policies and procedures.
    Key Performance Indicators
    To facilitate tracking of the job holder’s performance during the year, the following performance
    indicators have been identified and agreed upon:
  1. Plan of activities of advocacy and partnership program
  2. Performance results of CEFROHT’s communication strategy.
  3. Existence of communication’s calendar.
  4. Plan of activities on partnership and collaboration activities.
  5. List of CEFROHT’s partners, alliances and networks including media
  6. Stakeholder engagement/advocacy strategy.
  7. Plan of activities on building staff’s capacity in advocacy and communication.
  8. Evidence of monthly management reports on advocacy and partnership program
  9. Evidence of functional partnerships created
  10. Documentations including; policy briefs, social media messaging, newsletter, reports etc
  11. Evidence of internal policies and directives for advocacy and partnership program
  12. Evidence of advocacy strategies for litigated cases.
  13. Evidence of policy reforms moved or adopted.
    -Bachelor’s degree in Law, Management, Social Sciences, I.T or Development Studies. (Post-
    Graduate in relevant discipline is preferred). Training in project planning methodologies,
    governance, human rights, and accountability.
    Essential Experience:
    -In-depth understanding of human rights based approach, legal empowerment and social
    accountability mechanisms for realization of adequate living rights, programming issues and
    policy work at local, national regional and international levels.
    -Sound and up to date knowledge of development concepts, methodologies and techniques
    including demonstrated understanding of human rights and gender issues and demonstrable
    commitment to promoting human rights and gender equality within the organization and in
    program work.
    -Demonstrates very good understanding of and experience in communications and
    -Sound knowledge in political, social and economic environment in which CEFROHT’s work
    are operating at local, national, regional and international level.
    -Understanding project cycle management.
    -Excellent understanding of partnerships and donor strategies as well as governmental and
    international relations in the country.
    -Strong knowledge of M&E methodology, quality assurance.
    Essential skills:
    -Leadership and management
    -Strategic thinking
    -Excellent presentation, communications and negotiation
    -Networking, influencing and interpersonal
    -Crisis management and conflict resolution
    -Planning, organization, time management, and coordination
    -Work on own initiative with minimum supervision and to stay on task.
    -Work under pressure and tight deadlines

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