Date: July 27, 2023 

Dear Sir / Madam, 

You are kindly requested to submit your quotation for the following: 

1.Printing of Policy brief booklets – 400

We also request that your Quotation is submitted using the format specifically detailed in Annex C. 

Quotations submitted by email must be limited to a maximum of 10MB, virus-free and no more than two email transmissions. They must be free from any form of virus or corrupted contents, or the quotations shall be rejected. 

Quotation shall be evaluated based on lowest priced Quotation meeting requirements as per the criteria set in Annex A. 

In the event of a discrepancy between the unit price and the total price (obtained by multiplying the unit price and quantity), the unit price shall prevail and the total price shall be corrected by CEFROHT. If the Bidder does not accept the final price based on CEFROHT’s correction of errors, its Quotation will be rejected. 

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